Bewildered Beast

The idea of “beast” as a theme worthy of pursuit first occurred to Malcolm by chance. In a frustrating moment facing art block, Malcolm, feeling burdened, scribbled a simple line rendering of a beast of burden lumbering under the weight of his reluctance. In big blue words he wrote the words “bewildered beast”. As a pictorial metaphor, the beast image has morphed in to many different forms, including goat, horse, aardvark, etc.


Abstract “Constructs” were among the earliest themes pursued by Malcolm. Abstraction was an early way to exercise formal spacial ideas and develop those ideas in to a vocabulary to use in developing his representational vocabulary later. “The dividing line between an image taking on meaning through rendering familiar metaphors AND an abstract image taking on meaning through abstract representation is a very interesting place to hang out.”

Dreams, Myths, and Stories

By my definition, “Dreams, Myths, and Stores” include people or beasts in situations whereby time gets suspended (Myths). The outcome usually is dreamlike or, at least, multi-layered. I make these in somewhat of an altered state of being, so I cannot be terribly prolific in their creation, otherwise I might be a danger to those around me.

“Horse and His Ride” Series

Around the age of eight Malcolm had a horse run away with him on a family adventure in the wilds of the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. Though it worked out well in the end, it left its impression on Malcolm. One minute all seemed “in control”, and the next moment his life seemed in the balance. His relationship with “horse”,”control” (or lack there of), and communion with forces bigger than ourselves have been explored to this day with the “horse and his ride” metaphor.

People – Saints and Sinners

People, or in some cases the idea of people, have left their mark on Malcolm. But certain people have passed through his life who have altered his trajectory in life permanently. There were those who showed him what “kindness” meant, or “strength”, or “depth of character, etc. Some are/were personal saints and some real acknowledged saints.