Saints – Chapter 2

(in the artist own words)

Twenty or so years ago, I began painting and drawing people who had significantly changed my life by their words and deeds. As prints worked their way in to my repertoire of art making, I began to express my gratitude toward these significant influences through these prints. The monoprint process is more immediate, less labored, than say painting, and is very conducive to the creation of series. So instead of a portrait developing a patina through layer upon layer of subtle changes, to dig deep into a subject with monoprints, it is necessary to make a lot of them and edit out those that do not make the grade. But the payoff is a natural morphing of the subject in to all sorts of unexpected directions.
So included in this gallery is a very small sample of prints executed in recent months and years on a subject near to my heart – “Saints”. Saints are real saints, like Saint Sebastian, who embody some metaphors of life that have attracted my attention. In the case of Sebastian, that would be, perseverance, tenaciousness, and willingness to let go of earthly power for something perceived to be much greater. On the other end of the spectrum would be saints with a small “s”. Day to day saints who found their way into my life to leave their mark, such that their influence has remained for years, helping me through all sorts of trouble, like Selina, who I call my second mother.